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[ CCode ( type_id = "gdk_drop_get_type ()" ) ]
public abstract class Drop : Object

The `GdkDrop` object represents the target of an ongoing DND operation.

Possible drop sites get informed about the status of the ongoing drag operation with events of type gdk_drag_enter , gdk_drag_leave, gdk_drag_motion and gdk_drop_start. The `GdkDrop` object can be obtained from these [class@Gdk.Event] types using [method@Gdk.DNDEvent.get_drop].

The actual data transfer is initiated from the target side via an async read, using one of the `GdkDrop` methods for this purpose: [ method@Gdk.Drop.read_async] or [method@Gdk.Drop.read_value_async].

GTK provides a higher level abstraction based on top of these functions, and so they are not normally needed in GTK applications. See the "Drag and Drop" section of the GTK documentation for more information.

Namespace: Gdk
Package: gtk4



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