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[ CCode ( type_cname = "GdkDevicePadInterface" , type_id = "gdk_device_pad_get_type ()" ) ]
public interface DevicePad : Device

`GdkDevicePad` is an interface implemented by devices of type gdk_source_tablet_pad

It allows querying the features provided by the pad device.

Tablet pads may contain one or more groups, each containing a subset of the buttons/rings/strips available. [method@Gdk.DevicePad.get_n_groups] can be used to obtain the number of groups, [method@Gdk.DevicePad.get_n_features] and [method@Gdk.DevicePad.get_feature_group] can be combined to find out the number of buttons/rings/strips the device has, and how are they grouped.

Each of those groups have different modes, which may be used to map each individual pad feature to multiple actions. Only one mode is effective (current) for each given group, different groups may have different current modes. The number of available modes in a group can be found out through [method@Gdk.DevicePad.get_group_n_modes], and the current mode for a given group will be notified through events of type `GDK_PAD_GROUP_MODE`.

Namespace: Gdk
Package: gtk4



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