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[ CCode ( type_id = "goo_canvas_item_simple_get_type ()" ) ]
public class CanvasItemSimple : Object, CanvasItem

CanvasItemSimple is used as a base class for all of the standard canvas items.

It can also be used as the base class for new custom canvas items.

It provides default implementations for many of the CanvasItem methods.

For very simple items, all that is needed is to implement the create_path method. ( CanvasEllipse, CanvasRect and CanvasPath do this.)

More complicated items need to implement the update, paint and is_item_at methods instead. ( CanvasImage, CanvasPolyline, CanvasText and CanvasWidget do this.) They may also need to override some of the other GooCanvasItem methods such as set_canvas, set_parent or allocate_area if special code is needed. ( CanvasWidget does this to make sure the Widget is embedded in the Canvas widget correctly.)

Namespace: Goo
Package: goocanvas-2.0



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