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[ CCode ( type_id = "goo_canvas_widget_get_type ()" ) ]
public class CanvasWidget : CanvasItemSimple, CanvasItem

GooCanvasWidget provides support for placing any GtkWidget in the canvas.

The width and height properties specify the widget's size. If either of them is -1, then the requested size of the widget is used instead, which is the default for both width and height.

Note that there are a number of limitations in the use of CanvasWidget:

<itemizedlist><listitem><para> It doesn't support any transformation besides simple translation. This means you can't scale a canvas with a CanvasWidget in it. </para></listitem><listitem><para> It doesn't support layering, so you can't place other items beneath or above the CanvasWidget. </para></listitem>< listitem><para> It doesn't support rendering of widgets to a given cairo_t, which means you can't output the widget to a pdf or postscript file. </para></listitem><listitem><para> It doesn't have a model/view variant like the other standard items, so it can only be used in a simple canvas without a model. </para></listitem><listitem><para> It can't be made a static item. </para></listitem></itemizedlist>

Namespace: Goo
Package: goocanvas-2.0



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