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[ CCode ( type_id = "goo_canvas_table_get_type ()" ) ]
public class CanvasTable : CanvasGroup, CanvasItem

CanvasTable is a table container used to lay out other canvas items.

It is used in a similar way to how the GtkTable widget is used to lay out GTK+ widgets.

Items are added to the table using the normal methods, then set_child_properties is used to specify how each child item is to be positioned within the table (i.e. which row and column it is in, how much padding it should have and whether it should expand or shrink).

CanvasTable is a subclass of CanvasItemSimple and so inherits all of the style properties such as "stroke-color", "fill-color" and "line-width". Setting a style property on a CanvasTable will affect all children of the CanvasTable (unless the children override the property setting).

CanvasTable implements the CanvasItem interface, so you can use the CanvasItem functions such as raise and rotate, and the properties such as "visibility" and "pointer-events".

To create a CanvasTable use CanvasTable.

To get or set the properties of an existing CanvasTable, use @get and @set.

Namespace: Goo
Package: goocanvas-2.0



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