public void set_printerr_handler (PrintFunc func)

Sets the handler for printing error messages to func, or resets it to the default GLib handler if `NULL`.

Any messages passed to [func@GLib.printerr] will be output via the new handler. The default handler outputs the encoded message to `stderr`. By providing your own handler you can redirect the output, to a GTK widget or a log file for example.

Since 2.76 this functions always returns a valid [type@GLib.PrintFunc], and never returns `NULL`. If no custom error print handler was set, it will return the GLib default error print handler and that can be re-used to decorate its output and/or to write to `stderr` in all platforms. Before GLib 2.76, this was `NULL`.



he new error message handler or `NULL` to reset to the default


the old error message handler

Namespace: GLib
Package: glib-2.0