[ CCode ( cprefix = "G_" , has_type_id = false ) ]
public enum TraverseType

Specifies the type of traversal performed by g_tree_traverse, traverse and find.

The different orders are illustrated here: - In order: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I ![](Sorted_binary_tree_inorder.svg) - Pre order: F, B, A, D, C, E, G, I, H ![](Sorted_binary_tree_preorder.svg) - Post order: A, C, E, D, B, H, I, G, F ![](Sorted_binary_tree_postorder.svg) - Level order: F, B, G, A, D, I, C, E, H ![](Sorted_binary_tree_breadth-first_traversal.svg)

Namespace: GLib
Package: glib-2.0


Enum values: