public void on_error_stack_trace (string? prg_name = null)

Invokes gdb, which attaches to the current process and shows a stack trace.

Called by on_error_query when the "[S]tack trace" option is selected. You can get the current process's program name with get_prgname, assuming that you have called gtk_init or gdk_init.

This function may cause different actions on non-UNIX platforms.

When running on Windows, this function is *not* called by on_error_query. If called directly, it will raise an exception, which will crash the program. If the `G_DEBUGGER` environment variable is set, a debugger will be invoked to attach and handle that exception (see [Running GLib Applications](glib-running.html)).



the program name, needed by gdb for the "[S]tack trace" option

Namespace: GLib
Package: glib-2.0