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public class PriorityQueue<G> : AbstractQueue<G>

Relaxed fibonacci heap priority queue implementation of the Queue.

The elements of the priority queue are ordered according to their natural ordering, or by a compare_func provided at queue construction time. A priority queue does not permit null elements and does not have bounded capacity.

This implementation provides O(1) time for offer and peek methods, and O(log n) for poll method. It is based on the algorithms described by Boyapati Chandra Sekhar in:

"Worst Case Efficient Data Structures

for Priority Queues and Deques with Heap Order"

Boyapati Chandra Sekhar (under the guidance of Prof. C. Pandu Rangan)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

May 1996

Namespace: Gee
Package: gee-0.8



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