public void element_push_buffer_list (string element_name, owned List<Buffer> buffer_in, Caps caps_in, owned List<Buffer> buffer_out, Caps caps_out, FlowReturn last_flow_return)

Create an element using the factory providing the element_name and push the buffers in buffer_in to this element.

The element should create the buffers equal to the buffers in buffer_out. We only check the size and the data of the buffers. This function unrefs the buffers in the two lists. The last_flow_return parameter indicates the expected flow return value from pushing the final buffer in the list. This can be used to set up a test which pushes some buffers and then an invalid buffer, when the final buffer is expected to fail, for example.



name of the element that needs to be created


a list of buffers that needs to be pushed to the element


the Caps expected of the sinkpad of the element


a list of buffers that we expect from the element


the Caps expected of the srcpad of the element


the last buffer push needs to give this GstFlowReturn

Namespace: Gst.Check