[ CCode ( cname = "gst_buffer_straw_start_pipeline" ) ]
public void buffer_straw_start_pipeline (Element bin, Pad pad)

Sets up a pipeline for buffer sucking.

This will allow you to call buffer_straw_get_buffer to access buffers as they pass over pad.

This function is normally used in unit tests that want to verify that a particular element is outputting correct buffers. For example, you would make a pipeline via gst_parse_launch, pull out the pad you want to monitor, then call buffer_straw_get_buffer to get the buffers that pass through pad. The pipeline will block until you have sucked off the buffers.

This function will set the state of bin to PLAYING; to clean up, be sure to call buffer_straw_stop_pipeline.

Note that you may not start two buffer straws at the same time. This function is intended for unit tests, not general API use. In fact it calls fail_if from libcheck, so you cannot use it outside unit tests.



the pipeline to run


a pad on an element in bin

Namespace: Gst.Check