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public class UnixCredentialsMessage : SocketControlMessage

This SocketControlMessage contains a Credentials instance.

It may be sent using send_message and received using receive_message over UNIX sockets (ie: sockets in the g_socket_family_unix family).

For an easier way to send and receive credentials over stream-oriented UNIX sockets, see send_credentials and receive_credentials. To receive credentials of a foreign process connected to a socket, use get_credentials.

Since GLib 2.72, GUnixCredentialMessage is available on all platforms. It requires underlying system support (such as Windows 10 with `AF_UNIX`) at run time.

Before GLib 2.72, `<gio/gunixcredentialsmessage.h>` belonged to the UNIX-specific GIO interfaces, thus you had to use the `gio-unix-2.0.pc` pkg-config file when using it. This is no longer necessary since GLib 2.72.

Namespace: GLib
Package: gio-unix-2.0



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