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[ CCode ( type_id = "jsonrpc_client_get_type ()" ) ]
[ Version ( since = "3.26" ) ]
public class Client : Object

A client for JSON-RPC communication

The Client class provides a convenient API to coordinate with a JSON-RPC server. You can provide the underlying [ class@Gio.IOStream] to communicate with allowing you to control the negotiation of how you setup your communications channel. One such method might be to use a [class@Gio.Subprocess] and communicate over stdin and stdout.

Because JSON-RPC allows for out-of-band notifications from the server to the client, it is important that the consumer of this API calls [ method@Client.close] or [method@Client.close_async] when they no longer need the client. This is because Client contains an asynchronous read-loop to process incoming messages. Until [method@Client.close] or [method@Client.close_async] have been called, this read loop will prevent the object from finalizing (being freed).

To make an RPC call, use [] or [method@Client.call_async] and provide the method name and the parameters as a [ struct@GLib.Variant] for call.

It is a programming error to mix synchronous and asynchronous API calls of the Client class.

For synchronous calls, Client will use the thread-default [struct@GLib.MainContext]. If you have special needs here ensure you've set the context before calling into any Client API.

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