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[ CCode ( cname = "GstDiscovererStreamInfo" , lower_case_cprefix = "gst_discoverer_stream_info_" , type_id = "gst_discoverer_stream_info_get_type ()" ) ]
[ GIR ( name = "DiscovererStreamInfo" ) ]
public sealed class DiscovererStreamInfo : Object

Base structure for information concerning a media stream.

Depending on the stream type, one can find more media-specific information in DiscovererAudioInfo, DiscovererVideoInfo, and DiscovererContainerInfo.

The DiscovererStreamInfo represents the topology of the stream. Siblings can be iterated over with get_next and get_previous. Children (sub-streams) of a stream can be accessed using the DiscovererContainerInfo API.

As a simple example, if you run Discoverer on an AVI file with one audio and one video stream, you will get a DiscovererContainerInfo corresponding to the AVI container, which in turn will have a DiscovererAudioInfo sub-stream and a DiscovererVideoInfo sub-stream for the audio and video streams respectively.

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