public bool send_event (owned Event event)

Sends the event to the pad.

This function can be used by applications to send events in the pipeline.

If this is a source pad, event should be an upstream event. If this is a sink pad, event should be a downstream event. For example, you would not send a EOS on a src pad; EOS events only propagate downstream. Furthermore, some downstream events have to be serialized with data flow, like EOS, while some can travel out-of-band, like FLUSH_START. If the event needs to be serialized with data flow, this function will take the pad's stream lock while calling its event function.

To find out whether an event type is upstream, downstream, or downstream and serialized, see EventTypeFlags, get_flags, GST_EVENT_IS_UPSTREAM, GST_EVENT_IS_DOWNSTREAM, and GST_EVENT_IS_SERIALIZED. Note that in practice that an application or plugin doesn't need to bother itself with this information; the core handles all necessary locks and checks.

This function takes ownership of the provided event so you should gst_event_ref it if you want to reuse the event after this call.



a Pad to send the event to.


the Event to send to the pad.


true if the event was handled.