[ Version ( since = "2.26" ) ]
public void set_timeout (uint timeout)

Sets the time in seconds after which I/O operations on this will time out if they have not yet completed.

On a blocking socket, this means that any blocking Socket operation will time out after timeout seconds of inactivity, returning g_io_error_timed_out.

On a non-blocking socket, calls to condition_wait will also fail with g_io_error_timed_out after the given time. Sources created with create_source will trigger after timeout seconds of inactivity, with the requested condition set, at which point calling receive, send, check_connect_result, etc, will fail with g_io_error_timed_out.

If timeout is 0 (the default), operations will never time out on their own.

Note that if an I/O operation is interrupted by a signal, this may cause the timeout to be reset.



a Socket.


the timeout for this, in seconds, or 0 for none