public bool connect (SocketAddress address, Cancellable? cancellable = null) throws Error

Connect the socket to the specified remote address.

For connection oriented socket this generally means we attempt to make a connection to the address. For a connection-less socket it sets the default address for send and discards all incoming datagrams from other sources.

Generally connection oriented sockets can only connect once, but connection-less sockets can connect multiple times to change the default address.

If the connect call needs to do network I/O it will block, unless non-blocking I/O is enabled. Then g_io_error_pending is returned and the user can be notified of the connection finishing by waiting for the G_IO_OUT condition. The result of the connection must then be checked with check_connect_result .



a Socket.


a SocketAddress specifying the remote address.


a gcancellable or null


true if connected, false on error.