[ CCode ( vfunc_name = "get_binding_data" ) ]
[ Version ( since = "2.66" ) ]
public virtual bool get_channel_binding_data (TlsChannelBindingType type, out unowned ByteArray data) throws TlsChannelBindingError

Query the TLS backend for TLS channel binding data of type for this.

This call retrieves TLS channel binding data as specified in RFC 5056, RFC 5929, and related RFCs. The binding data is returned in data. The data is resized by the callee using ByteArray buffer management and will be freed when the data is destroyed by g_byte_array_unref. If data is null , it will only check whether TLS backend is able to fetch the data (e.g. whether type is supported by the TLS backend). It does not guarantee that the data will be available though. That could happen if TLS connection does not support type or the binding data is not available yet due to additional negotiation or input required.



a DtlsConnection


TlsChannelBindingType type of data to fetch


ByteArray is filled with the binding data, or null


true on success, false otherwise