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Object hierarchy for Metadata


[ CCode ( type_id = "gexiv2_metadata_get_type ()" ) ]
public class Metadata : Object

An object holding all the Exiv2 metadata.

Previews, if present, are also available.

As gexiv2 is only a wrapper around Exiv2, it's better to read its documentation to understand the full scope of what it offers: <ulink url=""></ulink>

In particular, rather than providing a getter/setter method pair for every metadata value available for images (of which there are thousands), Exiv2 uses a dotted addressing scheme. For example, to access a photo's EXIF Orientation field, the caller passes to Exiv2 "Exif.Photo.Orientation". These <emphasis>tags</emphasis> (in Exiv2 parlance) are key to using Exiv2 (and therefore gexiv2) to its fullest.

A full reference for all supported Exiv2 tags can be found at <ulink url=""></ulink>

Namespace: GExiv2
Package: gexiv2


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