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[ CCode ( type_id = "gcr_secret_exchange_get_type ()" ) ]
public class SecretExchange : Object

Allows exchange of secrets between two processes on the same system without exposing those secrets to things like loggers, non-pageable memory etc.

This does not protect against active attacks like MITM attacks.

Each side creates a secret exchange object, and one of the sides calls [method@SecretExchange.begin]. This creates a string, which should be passed to the other side. Each side passes the strings it receives into [method@SecretExchange.receive].

In order to send a reply (either with or without a secret) use [method@SecretExchange.send]. A side must have successfully called [ method@SecretExchange.receive] before it can use [method@SecretExchange.send].

The secret exchange objects can be used for multiple iterations of the conversation, or for just one request/reply. The only limitation being that the initial request cannot contain a secret.

Caveat: Information about the approximate length (rounded up to the nearest 16 bytes) may be leaked. If this is considered inacceptable, do not use [class@SecretExchange].

Namespace: Gcr
Package: gcr-3



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