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[ CCode ( type_id = "gcr_importer_get_type ()" ) ]
public interface Importer : Object

An interface which allows importing of certificates and keys.

Each importer is registered with a set of PKCS#11 attributes to match stuff that it can import.

An importer gets passed a [class@Parser] and accesses the currently parsed item. To create a set of importers that can import the currently parsed item in a parser, use [func@Importer.create_for_parsed]. The list of importers returned has the parsed item queued for import.

To queue additional items with a importer use [method@Importer.queue_for_parsed]. In addition you can try and queue an additional item with a set of importers using the [func@Importer.queue_and_filter_for_parsed].

To start the import, use [method@Importer.import] or its async variants.

Namespace: Gcr
Package: gcr-3



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