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[ CCode ( type_id = "gcr_certificate_get_type ()" ) ]
public interface Certificate : Object, Comparable

An interface that represents an X.509 certificate.

Objects can implement this interface to make a certificate usable with the GCR library.

Various methods are available to parse out relevant bits of the certificate. However no verification of the validity of a certificate is done here. Use your favorite crypto library to do this.

You can use [class@SimpleCertificate] to simply load a certificate for which you already have the raw certificate data.

The Certificate interface has several properties that must be implemented. You can use a mixin to implement these properties if desired. See the gcr_certificate_mixin_class_init and gcr_certificate_mixin_get_property functions.

All certificates are comparable. If implementing a Certificate, you can use GCR_CERTIFICATE_MIXIN_IMPLEMENT_COMPARABLE to implement the Comparable interface.

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Namespace: Gcr
Package: gcr-3



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