[ CCode ( cname = "gst_install_plugins_async" ) ]
public InstallPluginsReturn install_plugins_async (string[] details, InstallPluginsContext? ctx, InstallPluginsResultFunc func)

Requests plugin installation without blocking.

Once the plugins have been installed or installation has failed, func will be called with the result of the installation and your provided user_data pointer.

This function requires a running GLib/Gtk main loop. If you are not running a GLib/Gtk main loop, make sure to regularly call g_main_context_iteration(NULL,FALSE).

The installer strings that make up detail are typically obtained by calling missing_plugin_message_get_installer_detail on missing-plugin messages that have been caught on a pipeline's bus or created by the application via the provided API, such as missing_element_message_new.

It is possible to request the installation of multiple missing plugins in one go (as might be required if there is a demuxer for a certain format installed but no suitable video decoder and no suitable audio decoder).



NULL-terminated array of installer string details (see below)


a InstallPluginsContext, or NULL


the function to call when the installer program returns


the user data to pass to func when called, or NULL


result code whether an external installer could be started

Namespace: Gst.PbUtils