[ Version ( deprecated_since = "vala-0.36" , deprecated = true , replacement = "DBusConnection" ) ]
public static async DBusConnection @new (IOStream stream, string? guid, DBusConnectionFlags flags, DBusAuthObserver? observer = null, Cancellable? cancellable = null) throws Error

Warning: @new is deprecated since "vala-0.36". Use GLib.DBusConnection.DBusConnection.

Asynchronously sets up a D-Bus connection for exchanging D-Bus messages with the end represented by stream.

If stream is a SocketConnection, then the corresponding Socket will be put into non-blocking mode.

The D-Bus connection will interact with stream from a worker thread. As a result, the caller should not interact with stream after this method has been called, except by calling unref on it.

If observer is not null it may be used to control the authentication process.

When the operation is finished, callback will be invoked. You can then call @new.end to get the result of the operation.

This is a asynchronous failable constructor. See DBusConnection.sync for the synchronous version.



a IOStream


the GUID to use if a authenticating as a server or null


flags describing how to make the connection


a DBusAuthObserver or null


a Cancellable or null


a TaskReadyCallback to call when the request is satisfied


the data to pass to callback