public bool send_message (DBusMessage message, DBusSendMessageFlags flags, out uint32 out_serial) throws Error

Asynchronously sends message to the peer represented by this.

Unless flags contain the g_dbus_send_message_flags_preserve_serial flag, the serial number will be assigned by this and set on message via set_serial. If out_serial is not null, then the serial number used will be written to this location prior to submitting the message to the underlying transport.

If this is closed then the operation will fail with g_io_error_closed. If message is not well-formed, the operation fails with g_io_error_invalid_argument.

See this server and client for an example of how to use this low-level API to send and receive UNIX file descriptors.

Note that message must be unlocked, unless flags contain the g_dbus_send_message_flags_preserve_serial flag.



a DBusConnection


a DBusMessage


flags affecting how the message is sent


return location for serial number assigned to message when sending it or null


true if the message was well-formed and queued for transmission, false if throws is set