public static void set_user_program (Material material, Bitmap program)

Associates a linked CoglProgram with the given material so that the program can take full control of vertex and/or fragment processing.


Use CoglSnippet api instead instead

This is an example of how it can be used to associate an ARBfp program with a CoglMaterial:

CoglHandle shader;
CoglHandle program;
CoglMaterial *material;

shader = cogl_create_shader (COGL_SHADER_TYPE_FRAGMENT);
cogl_shader_source (shader,
"MOV result.color,fragment.color;\n"
cogl_shader_compile (shader);

program = cogl_create_program ();
cogl_program_attach_shader (program, shader);
cogl_program_link (program);

material = cogl_material_new ();
cogl_material_set_user_program (material, program);

cogl_set_source_color4ub (0xff, 0x00, 0x00, 0xff);
cogl_rectangle (0, 0, 100, 100);

It is possibly worth keeping in mind that this API is not part of the long term design for how we want to expose shaders to Cogl developers (We are planning on deprecating the cogl_program and cogl_shader APIs in favour of a "snippet" framework) but in the meantime we hope this will handle most practical GLSL and ARBfp requirements.

Also remember you need to check for either the SHADERS_GLSL or SHADERS_ARBFP before using the cogl_program or cogl_shader API.



a CoglMaterial object.


A VertexBufferIndices to a linked CoglProgram