public void scroll_to_path (TreePath path, bool use_align, float row_align, float col_align)

Moves the alignments of this to the position specified by path.

row_align determines where the row is placed, and col_align determines where column is placed. Both are expected to be between 0.0 and 1.0. 0.0 means left/top alignment, 1.0 means right/bottom alignment, 0.5 means center.

If use_align is false, then the alignment arguments are ignored, and the tree does the minimum amount of work to scroll the item onto the screen. This means that the item will be scrolled to the edge closest to its current position. If the item is currently visible on the screen, nothing is done.

This function only works if the model is set, and path is a valid row on the model. If the model changes before the this is realized, the centered path will be modified to reflect this change.



A `GtkIconView`


The path of the item to move to.


whether to use alignment arguments, or false.


The vertical alignment of the item specified by path.


The horizontal alignment of the item specified by path.