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Gdk.Rectangle Gdk.Rectangle Gdk.Rectangle Cairo.RectangleInt Cairo.RectangleInt Cairo.RectangleInt->Gdk.Rectangle


[ CCode ( copy_function = "g_boxed_copy" , free_function = "g_boxed_free" , type_id = "gdk_rectangle_get_type ()" ) ]
public struct Rectangle : RectangleInt

A `GdkRectangle` data type for representing rectangles.

`GdkRectangle` is identical to `cairo_rectangle_t`. Together with Cairo’s `cairo_region_t` data type, these are the central types for representing sets of pixels.

The intersection of two rectangles can be computed with [method@Gdk.Rectangle.intersect]; to find the union of two rectangles use [ method@Gdk.Rectangle.union].

The `cairo_region_t` type provided by Cairo is usually used for managing non-rectangular clipping of graphical operations.

The Graphene library has a number of other data types for regions and volumes in 2D and 3D.

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Namespace: Gdk
Package: gtk4



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