[ NoAccessorMethod ]
public Structure stats { owned get; }

Various payloader statistics retrieved atomically (and are therefore synchroized with each other), these can be used e.g. to generate an RTP-Info header.

This property return a GstStructure named application/x-rtp-payload-stats containing the following fields relating to the last processed buffer and current state of the stream being payloaded:

* `clock-rate` :#G_TYPE_UINT, clock-rate of the stream * `running-time` :#G_TYPE_UINT64, running time * `seqnum` :#G_TYPE_UINT, sequence number, same as seqnum * `timestamp` :#G_TYPE_UINT, RTP timestamp, same as timestamp * `ssrc` :#G_TYPE_UINT, The SSRC in use * `pt` :#G_TYPE_UINT, The Payload type in use, same as pt * `seqnum-offset` :#G_TYPE_UINT, The current offset added to the seqnum * `timestamp-offset` :#G_TYPE_UINT, The current offset added to the timestamp