[ CCode ( cname = "gst_type_find_helper_get_range" ) ]
public Caps? type_find_helper_get_range (Object obj, Object? parent, TypeFindHelperGetRangeFunction func, uint64 size, string? extension, out TypeFindProbability prob)

Utility function to do pull-based typefinding.

Unlike type_find_helper however, this function will use the specified function func to obtain the data needed by the typefind functions, rather than operating on a given source pad. This is useful mostly for elements like tag demuxers which strip off data at the beginning and/or end of a file and want to typefind the stripped data stream before adding their own source pad (the specified callback can then call the upstream peer pad with offsets adjusted for the tag size, for example).

When extension is not null, this function will first try the typefind functions for the given extension, which might speed up the typefinding in many cases.

Free-function: gst_caps_unref



A Object that will be passed as first argument to func


the parent of obj or null


A generic TypeFindHelperGetRangeFunction that will be used to access data at random offsets when doing the typefinding


The length in bytes


extension of the media, or null


location to store the probability of the found caps, or null


the Caps corresponding to the data stream. Returns null if no Caps matches the data stream.

Namespace: Gst.Base