[ CCode ( has_construct_function = false ) ]
public Event.seek (double rate, Format format, SeekFlags flags, SeekType start_type, int64 start, SeekType stop_type, int64 stop)

Allocate a new seek event with the given parameters.

The seek event configures playback of the pipeline between start to stop at the speed given in rate, also called a playback segment. The start and stop values are expressed in format.

A rate of 1.0 means normal playback rate, 2.0 means double speed. Negatives values means backwards playback. A value of 0.0 for the rate is not allowed and should be accomplished instead by PAUSING the pipeline.

A pipeline has a default playback segment configured with a start position of 0, a stop position of -1 and a rate of 1.0. The currently configured playback segment can be queried with SEGMENT.

start_type and stop_type specify how to adjust the currently configured start and stop fields in playback segment. Adjustments can be made relative or absolute to the last configured values. A type of NONE means that the position should not be updated.

When the rate is positive and start has been updated, playback will start from the newly configured start position.

For negative rates, playback will start from the newly configured stop position (if any). If the stop position is updated, it must be different from -1 (#GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE) for negative rates.

It is not possible to seek relative to the current playback position, to do this, PAUSE the pipeline, query the current playback position with POSITION and update the playback segment current position with a SET to the desired position.



The new playback rate


The format of the seek values


The optional seek flags


The type and flags for the new start position


The value of the new start position


The type and flags for the new stop position


The value of the new stop position


a new seek event.