[ CCode ( has_construct_function = false ) ]
[ Version ( since = "1.18" ) ]
public Event.instant_rate_sync_time (double rate_multiplier, ClockTime running_time, ClockTime upstream_running_time)

Create a new instant-rate-sync-time event.

This event is sent by the pipeline to notify elements handling the instant-rate-change event about the running-time when the new rate should be applied. The running time may be in the past when elements handle this event, which can lead to switching artifacts. The magnitude of those depends on the exact timing of event delivery to each element and the magnitude of the change in playback rate being applied.

The running_time and upstream_running_time are the same if this is the first instant-rate adjustment, but will differ for later ones to compensate for the accumulated offset due to playing at a rate different to the one indicated in the playback segments.



the new playback rate multiplier to be applied


Running time when the rate change should be applied


The upstream-centric running-time when the rate change should be applied.


the new instant-rate-sync-time event.