[ CCode ( has_construct_function = false ) ]
public TlsCertificate.from_pem (string data, ssize_t length) throws Error

Creates a TlsCertificate from the PEM-encoded data in data.

If data includes both a certificate and a private key, then the returned certificate will include the private key data as well. ( See the private_key_pem property for information about supported formats.)

The returned certificate will be the first certificate found in data. As of GLib 2.44, if data contains more certificates it will try to load a certificate chain. All certificates will be verified in the order found (top-level certificate should be the last one in the file) and the issuer property of each certificate will be set accordingly if the verification succeeds. If any certificate in the chain cannot be verified, the first certificate in the file will still be returned.



PEM-encoded certificate data


the length of data, or -1 if it's 0-terminated.


the new certificate, or null if data is invalid