public void* get_mapped (string key, SettingsGetMapping mapping)

Gets the value that is stored at key in this, subject to application-level validation/mapping.

You should use this function when the application needs to perform some processing on the value of the key (for example, parsing). The mapping function performs that processing. If the function indicates that the processing was unsuccessful (due to a parse error, for example) then the mapping is tried again with another value.

This allows a robust 'fall back to defaults' behaviour to be implemented somewhat automatically.

The first value that is tried is the user's setting for the key. If the mapping function fails to map this value, other values may be tried in an unspecified order (system or site defaults, translated schema default values, untranslated schema default values, etc).

If the mapping function fails for all possible values, one additional attempt is made: the mapping function is called with a null value. If the mapping function still indicates failure at this point then the application will be aborted.

The result parameter for the mapping function is pointed to a pointer which is initially set to null. The same pointer is given to each invocation of mapping. The final value of that pointer is what is returned by this function. null is valid; it is returned just as any other value would be.



a Settings object


the key to get the value for


the function to map the value in the settings database to the value used by the application


user data for mapping


the result, which may be null