[ NoAccessorMethod ]
public DBusInterfaceInfo g_interface_info { owned get; set; }

Ensure that interactions with this proxy conform to the given interface.

This is mainly to ensure that malformed data received from the other peer is ignored. The given DBusInterfaceInfo is said to be the "expected interface".

The checks performed are: - When completing a method call, if the type signature of the reply message isn't what's expected, the reply is discarded and the Error is set to g_io_error_invalid_argument .

  • Received signals that have a type signature mismatch are dropped and a warning is logged via warning.
  • Properties received via the initial `GetAll()` call or via the `GDBusProxy::PropertiesChanged` signal (on the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface) or set using set_cached_property with a type signature mismatch are ignored and a warning is logged via warning.

Note that these checks are never done on methods, signals and properties that are not referenced in the given DBusInterfaceInfo, since extending a D-Bus interface on the service-side is not considered an ABI break.