[ CCode ( cname = "DeeFilterMapFunc" , has_target = false ) ]
public delegate void StaticFilterMapFunc (Model orig_model, FilterModel filter_model, void* data)

Function used to collect the rows from a model that should be included in a FilterModel .

To add rows to filter_model use the methods append_iter, prepend_iter, insert_iter, and insert_iter_before.

The iteration over the original model is purposely left to the map func in order to allow optimized iterations if the the caller has a priori knowledge of the sorting and grouping of the data in the original model.



The model containing the original data to filter


The model that will contain the filtered results. The filter func must iterate over orig_model and add all relevant rows to filter_model. This model is guaranteed to be empty when the filter func is invoked


User data passed together with the filter func

Namespace: Dee
Package: dee-1.0