public void set_timeout (int val, int startup_time)

Set the timeout used for method calls.

If this is not set explicitly, a default of 0.8 ms is used. Note that at-spi2-registryd currently uses a timeout of 3 seconds when sending a keyboard event notification. This means that, if an AT makes a call in response to the keyboard notification and the application being called does not respond before the timeout is reached, at-spi2-registryd will time out on the keyboard event notification and pass the key onto the application (ie, reply to indicate that the key was not consumed), so this may make it undesirable to set a timeout larger than 3 seconds.

By default, the normal timeout is set to 800 ms, and the application startup timeout is set to 15 seconds.



The timeout value, in milliseconds, or -1 to disable the timeout.


The amount of time, in milliseconds, to allow to pass before enforcing timeouts on an application. Can be used to prevent timeout exceptions if an application is likely to block for an extended period of time on initialization. -1 can be passed to disable this behavior.

Namespace: Atspi
Package: atspi-2