public static ShortcutTrigger? parse_string (string str)

Tries to parse the given string into a trigger.

On success, the parsed trigger is returned. When parsing failed, null is returned.

The accepted strings are:

  • `never`, for `GtkNeverTrigger`
  • a string parsed by accelerator_parse, for a `GtkKeyvalTrigger`, e.g. `< Control>C`
  • underscore, followed by a single character, for `GtkMnemonicTrigger`, e.g. `_l`
  • two valid trigger strings, separated by a `|` character, for a `GtkAlternativeTrigger`: `<Control>q|<Control>w`

Note that you will have to escape the `<` and `>` characters when specifying triggers in XML files, such as GtkBuilder ui files. Use ` &lt;` instead of `<` and `&gt;` instead of `>`.



the string to parse


a new `GtkShortcutTrigger` or null on error