[ CCode ( has_construct_function = false ) ]
public PadController (ActionGroup group, Device? pad)

Creates a new `GtkPadController` that will associate events from pad to actions.

A null pad may be provided so the controller manages all pad devices generically, it is discouraged to mix `GtkPadController` objects with null and non-null pad argument on the same toplevel window, as execution order is not guaranteed.

The `GtkPadController` is created with no mapped actions. In order to map pad events to actions, use [ method@Gtk.PadController.set_action_entries] or [method@Gtk.PadController.set_action].

Be aware that pad events will only be delivered to `GtkWindow`s, so adding a pad controller to any other type of widget will not have an effect.



`GActionGroup` to trigger actions from


A gdk_source_tablet_pad device, or null to handle all pads


A newly created `GtkPadController`