public void begin_frame (Region region)

Indicates that you are beginning the process of redrawing region on the this's surface.

Calling this function begins a drawing operation using this on the surface that this was created from. The actual requirements and guarantees for the drawing operation vary for different implementations of drawing, so a [class@Gdk.CairoContext] and a [class@Gdk.GLContext] need to be treated differently.

A call to this function is a requirement for drawing and must be followed by a call to [method@Gdk.DrawContext.end_frame], which will complete the drawing operation and ensure the contents become visible on screen.

Note that the region passed to this function is the minimum region that needs to be drawn and depending on implementation, windowing system and hardware in use, it might be necessary to draw a larger region. Drawing implementation must use [ method@Gdk.DrawContext.get_frame_region] to query the region that must be drawn.

When using GTK, the widget system automatically places calls to begin_frame and end_frame via the use of [class@Gsk.Renderer]s, so application code does not need to call these functions explicitly.



the `GdkDrawContext` used to draw the frame. The context must have a surface.


minimum region that should be drawn