[ CCode ( cname = "gst_harness_set_forwarding" ) ]
public void set_forwarding (bool forwarding)

As a convenience, a src-harness will forward STREAM_START, CAPS and SEGMENT to the main-harness if forwarding is enabled, and forward any sticky-events from the main-harness to the sink-harness.

It will also forward the ALLOCATION.

If forwarding is disabled, the user will have to either manually push these events from the src-harness using src_push_event, or create and push them manually. While this will allow full control and inspection of these events, for the most cases having forwarding enabled will be sufficient when writing a test where the src-harness' main function is providing data for the main-harness.

Forwarding is enabled by default.

MT safe.



a Harness


a bool to enable/disable forwarding