[ CCode ( cname = "gst_harness_add_src_harness" ) ]
public void add_src_harness (owned Harness src_harness, bool has_clock_wait)

A src-harness is a great way of providing the Harness with data.

By adding a src-type Element, it is then easy to use functions like gst_harness_push_from_src or gst_harness_src_crank_and_push_many to provide your harnessed element with input. The has_clock_wait variable is a great way to control you src-element with, in that you can have it produce a buffer for you by simply cranking the clock, and not have it spin out of control producing buffers as fast as possible.

If a src-harness already exists it will be replaced.

MT safe.



a Harness


a Harness to be added as a src-harness.


a bool specifying if the Element uses gst_clock_wait_id internally.