[ Version ( since = "2.40" ) ]
public bool parse_strv (ref string[] argv) throws OptionError

Parses the command line arguments.

This function is similar to parse except that it respects the normal memory rules when dealing with a strv instead of assuming that the passed-in array is the argv of the main function.

In particular, strings that are removed from the arguments list will be freed using g_free .

On Windows, the strings are expected to be in UTF-8. This is in contrast to parse which expects them to be in the system codepage, which is how they are passed as argv to main. See get_command_line for a solution.

This function is useful if you are trying to use OptionContext with GApplication.



a OptionContext


a pointer to the command line arguments (which must be in UTF-8 on Windows). Starting with GLib 2.62, arguments can be null, which matches parse.


true if the parsing was successful, false if an error occurred