public bool parse (ref unowned string[] argv) throws OptionError

Parses the command line arguments, recognizing options which have been added to this.

A side-effect of calling this function is that set_prgname will be called.

If the parsing is successful, any parsed arguments are removed from the array and argv.length and argv are updated accordingly. A '--' option is stripped from argv unless there are unparsed options before and after it, or some of the options after it start with '-'. In case of an error, argv.length and argv are left unmodified.

If automatic `--help` support is enabled (see set_help_enabled) , and the argv array contains one of the recognized help options, this function will produce help output to stdout and call `exit ( 0)`.

Note that function depends on the current locale for automatic character set conversion of string and filename arguments.



a OptionContext


a pointer to the array of command line arguments


a pointer to the number of command line arguments


true if the parsing was successful, false if an error occurred