[ Version ( since = "2.72" ) ]
[ CCode ( cname = "g_get_user_state_dir" ) ]
public unowned string get_user_state_dir ()

Returns a base directory in which to store state files specific to particular user.

On UNIX platforms this is determined using the mechanisms described in the XDG Base Directory Specification. In this case the directory retrieved will be `XDG_STATE_HOME`.

On Windows it follows XDG Base Directory Specification if `XDG_STATE_HOME` is defined. If `XDG_STATE_HOME` is undefined, the folder to use for local (as opposed to roaming) application data is used instead. See the documentation for `FOLDERID_LocalAppData`. Note that in this case on Windows it will be the same as what get_user_data_dir returns.

The return value is cached and modifying it at runtime is not supported, as it’s not thread-safe to modify environment variables at runtime.


a string owned by GLib that must not be modified or freed.

Namespace: GLib.Environment
Package: glib-2.0