[ Version ( since = "2.6" ) ]
[ CCode ( cname = "g_get_user_cache_dir" ) ]
public unowned string get_user_cache_dir ()

Returns a base directory in which to store non-essential, cached data specific to particular user.

On UNIX platforms this is determined using the mechanisms described in the XDG Base Directory Specification. In this case the directory retrieved will be `XDG_CACHE_HOME`.

On Windows it follows XDG Base Directory Specification if `XDG_CACHE_HOME` is defined. If `XDG_CACHE_HOME` is undefined, the directory that serves as a common repository for temporary Internet files is used instead. A typical path is `C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files`. See the documentation for `FOLDERID_InternetCache`.

The return value is cached and modifying it at runtime is not supported, as it’s not thread-safe to modify environment variables at runtime.


a string owned by GLib that must not be modified or freed.

Namespace: GLib.Environment
Package: glib-2.0