[ Version ( since = "2.36" ) ]
public void run_in_thread_sync (TaskThreadFunc task_func)

Runs task_func in another thread, and waits for it to return or be cancelled.

You can use propagate_pointer, etc, afterward to get the result of task_func.

See TaskThreadFunc for more details about how task_func is handled.

Normally this is used with tasks created with a null `callback`, but note that even if the task does have a callback, it will not be invoked when task_func returns. completed will be set to true just before this function returns.

Although GLib currently rate-limits the tasks queued via run_in_thread_sync, you should not assume that it will always do this. If you have a very large number of tasks to run, but don't want them to all run at once, you should only queue a limited number of them at a time.



a Task


a TaskThreadFunc