[ CCode ( cname = "g_keyfile_settings_backend_new" , feature_test_macro = "G_SETTINGS_ENABLE_BACKEND" ) ]
public static SettingsBackend keyfile_settings_backend_new (string filename, string root_path, string? root_group)

Creates a keyfile-backed SettingsBackend.

The filename of the keyfile to use is given by filename.

All settings read to or written from the backend must fall under the path given in root_path (which must start and end with a slash and not contain two consecutive slashes). root_path may be "/".

If root_group is non-null then it specifies the name of the keyfile group used for keys that are written directly below root_path. For example, if root_path is "/apps/example/" and root_group is "toplevel", then settings the key "/apps/example/enabled" to a value of true will cause the following to appear in the keyfile:


If root_group is null then it is not permitted to store keys directly below the root_path .

For keys not stored directly below root_path (ie: in a sub-path), the name of the subpath (with the final slash stripped) is used as the name of the keyfile group. To continue the example, if "/apps/example/profiles/default/font-size" were set to 12 then the following would appear in the keyfile:


The backend will refuse writes (and return writability as being false) for keys outside of root_path and, in the event that root_group is null, also for keys directly under root_path . Writes will also be refused if the backend detects that it has the inability to rewrite the keyfile (ie: the containing directory is not writable).

There is no checking done for your key namespace clashing with the syntax of the key file format. For example, if you have '[' or ']' characters in your path names or '=' in your key names you may be in trouble.

The backend reads default values from a keyfile called `defaults` in the directory specified by the GKeyfileSettingsBackend:defaults-dir property, and a list of locked keys from a text file with the name `locks` in the same location.



the filename of the keyfile


the path under which all settings keys appear


the group name corresponding to root_path, or null


a keyfile-backed SettingsBackend