public virtual ssize_t skip (size_t count, Cancellable? cancellable = null) throws IOError

Tries to skip count bytes from the stream.

Will block during the operation.

This is identical to read, from a behaviour standpoint, but the bytes that are skipped are not returned to the user. Some streams have an implementation that is more efficient than reading the data.

This function is optional for inherited classes, as the default implementation emulates it using read.

If cancellable is not null, then the operation can be cancelled by triggering the cancellable object from another thread. If the operation was cancelled, the error g_io_error_cancelled will be returned. If an operation was partially finished when the operation was cancelled the partial result will be returned, without an error.



a InputStream.


the number of bytes that will be skipped from the stream


optional Cancellable object, null to ignore.


Number of bytes skipped, or -1 on error