[ Version ( since = "2.32" ) ]
public virtual bool query_action (string action_name, out bool enabled, out unowned VariantType parameter_type, out unowned VariantType state_type, out Variant state_hint, out Variant state)

Queries all aspects of the named action within an this.

This function acquires the information available from has_action , get_action_enabled, get_action_parameter_type, get_action_state_type, get_action_state_hint and get_action_state with a single function call.

This provides two main benefits.

The first is the improvement in efficiency that comes with not having to perform repeated lookups of the action in order to discover different things about it. The second is that implementing ActionGroup can now be done by only overriding this one virtual function.

The interface provides a default implementation of this function that calls the individual functions, as required, to fetch the information. The interface also provides default implementations of those functions that call this function. All implementations, therefore, must override either this function or all of the others.

If the action exists, true is returned and any of the requested fields (as indicated by having a non- null reference passed in) are filled. If the action doesn't exist, false is returned and the fields may or may not have been modified.



a ActionGroup


the name of an action in the group


if the action is presently enabled


the parameter type, or null if none needed


the state type, or null if stateless


the state hint, or null if none


the current state, or null if stateless


true if the action exists, else false